Big data, IoT will drive worlds data to grow 5X by 2025

The Global Datasphere—the measure of how much new data is produced and replicated every year—will grow by more than five times within the next seven years, according to a Seagate report released on Wednesday.

Major drivers in data growth worldwide are attributed to investments in entertainment data and video surveillance footage, the report found, but signals from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, metadata, and productivity data show even greater growth.

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The US Datasphere has grown slower than most other areas around the world, and is projected to account for only 17.5% of the Global Datasphere in 2025, the report found. Over the next few years, productivity-related data will accelerate in growth, while entertainment-driven data will be left behind in the US.

US companies are currently driven by the desire to be as efficient and productive as possible, the report found. These priorities resulted in an acceleration of cloud adoption and data creation by servers and at the edge. Data usage dedicated to edge computing technology is projected to make up between 15% to 25% of the total US Datasphere in the next five years, the report added.

Data has and will continue to transform the enterprise, the report said. The rise of IoT technology and artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed businesses to gain more insight into their business infrastructure than ever before—learning what works and what doesn’t, through data analytics. Businesses now have an inordinate amount of data to interpret, but no one to interpret it, which is why data scientist holds the no. 1 spot on LinkedIn’s most promising jobs of 2019 list.

The amount of data stored in the US is projected to grow from 0.9ZB in 2018 to 3.4ZB in 2025, the report found. Along with this increase will come a rise in public cloud storage, with 55% of US data stored by organizations and consumers to take place in the public cloud by 2025, the report added.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • The US lags behind other countries in data growth worldwide. — Seagate, 2019
  • The US will invest more in data focused on productivity, such as IoT technology, edge computing, and cloud storage. — Seagate, 2019

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