Best mask sheet in market : product review

this video is a product review of best mask sheet in market. products are Garnier skin naturals black serum mask pure charcoal, Garnier skin naturals serum mask hydra bomb, lotus herbals white glow insta purifying serum mask, lakme blush & glow fruity-licious sheet mark pomegranate, lakme blush & glow fruity-licious sheet mask lemon.

1. Garnier black serum mask charcoal benefits:
treat acne, detoxify skin, purifiers clog pores, best for oily skin, reduce pore size, gently exfoliates, reduce acne, excellent for execema, improve circulation.

2. Garnier serum mask hydra bomb enriched with green tea extract benefits:
anti- inflammatory, reduce skin irritation, skin redness and swelling, reduce sunburn, cleanse, toner, improve skin health.

3. lotus herbal white glow insta beautifying serum mask enriched with calendula extract benefits: remove impurities, protected from toxic and free radicals , great for dry and damaged skin, promote skin tissue repair, antibacterial, astringent properties.

4. lakme blush & glow fruity-licious sheet mask pomegranate benefits: help fight bacteria, fungus in skin, help treat P. acne, natural exfoliate, improve skin texture, nourish hair, regenerate skin.

5. lakme blush & glow fruity-licious sheet mask lemon benefits: reduce acne, remove blemishes, skin brightening, vitamin C as great antioxidant reduce skin damage and reduce inflammation.
# शीटमास्ककाउपयोगकैसेकरें?
# शीटमास्ककाउपयोगक्योंकरें?

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