Becoming a Scrum Product Owner (and getting certified)

Can you imagine becoming a Scrum Product Owner in a framework that really works for enabling continuous improvement and delivery of value? How do you see this fitting your current condition?

Ever wanted to learn something that is on the mouth of everyone in today’s business? Being agile and not doing agile as a real Product Owner.

This course lets you understand the foundational tools to get in the role of the most famous and used framework in the world of organizational and business agility, Scrum, and provides you with examples, metaphors and real world knowledge to immediately apply and grow.

This course contains:

  • Video Lectures: to learn the theory and get the information

  • 1 Full length exam simulation: to validate your understanding and be more prepared to get any foundational certification on Scrum

What do you need to start? A basic knowledge of the Scrum Framework is highly recommended.

If you want to build the foundational knowledge about Scrum to get out the most of this course, please check my other courses on what is agility, explained through its manifesto, and also “Becoming agile with Scrum (… and get Certified)”, which will provide you with the knowledge to build up you professional profile through this course.

#This course contains the last updates after the November 2020 release of the Scrum Guide

More info at Udemy.com

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