Become a Book Marketing Gladiator and Dominate Kindle

Struggling to Create a Launch Plan for Your Book?

Do you fear that no one will buy your book?

Do you feel overwhelmed by book marketing?

Do you want to crush your book launch, but have no idea how?

The #1 fear that you will face as a new author is that no one will buy your book. The reality is that if you don’t focus on marketing, this fear will come true. Your book will be uploaded to Amazon and will then disappear into the abyss if you don’t make a launch plan.

In this Book Launch Gladiator online course you will learn how to do this. I will show you the ins and outs of marketing in self publishing.

This course was built from the ground up with the new author in mind and as such will answer common marketing questions.

The videos, checklists, spreadsheets, and written tutorials contained within will teach you how to become a Book Launch Gladiator. It will take you from marketing level ground zero all the way to prime time in the Roman Colosseum.

Covered in this 65+ Module course:

1) Basic Kindle marketing questions and answers

2) Pre-launch phase and setting up your book for success

3) How to get reviews for your book the right way

4) What to do during launch week besides just checking stats

5) Post-Launch strategies for successful marketing beyond launch

Buy this course, embrace your inner author, and become a Book Launch Gladiator.


More info at Udemy.com

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