Application of Project Management in New Product Development

This course is all about improving your new product development process  and ensuring on-time delivery, cost and meeting product requirements  by applying project management principles, concepts, tools and techniques .

This course is structured with basic understandings of  projects in business environment, causes of project success or failure, typical scenarios in emerging organizations on new product development process and the relevance of project management to manage those challenges or issues .Also explained broadly, the proven practices of project management  principles and the relevant tools and techniques to apply in new product development processes.Also discussed about the people aspects in new product development and the role of top management,project leader or manager , team members, competency  requirement.

To get confidence to implement Project management principles in new product development process in your organization irrespective of your products or industry background, i have given  practical examples which had been tested and implemented in various manufacturing industries .

This course is very useful if you struggle to develop new product on-time ,within cost estimate and meeting customer’s requirement. Ideal learning course for SME business owners, Plant heads, Manufacturing, Process Engineers,Design engineers, project managers,development team from manufacturing organizations in small, medium scale organizations of any industry background.

At the end of the course, you will be able to re look at your organizational new product development processes in a different perspective,identify the gaps  and able to apply some of the project management principles learnt in this course.

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