API Product Management 101

The most comprehensive course on API Product Management in the market.

Taught by an experienced API Product Manager this course is tailor made to get you up and running faster.

As Product Managers, it is often not easy to understand technology and for those getting started it might even be a little over whelming. If not anything you should at least be really comfortable with the world of APIs. Because you might either be consuming an API for your product or exposing you API for third party consumption.

Even if you’re completely new to Product Management Concepts, you’ll find these simple and effective concepts and techniques easy to understand and apply in your path towards a career in API Product Management!

Who this course is for:

  • Product Management Aspirants

  • Experienced Product Managers wanting to know more about APIs

  • API Product Managers

  • Platform Product Managers

  • Developer Experience Product Managers

  • Startups and Product Teams

By the end of this course you will be able to

  1. Go through a developer portal of an API product  and understand the documentation

  2. Test the API using postman and perform the following activities.

    1. Send your first API request

    2. Send an API request by understanding the documentation

    3. Send an API request with additional information

    4. Send an API with authentication

  3. Get into the Product Mindset for APIs

  4. Manage API products effectively

More info at Udemy.com

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