Amazon Product Reviews: How to Generate Social Proof That Matter With Colleen Quattlebaum

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Introduction: 0:00 – 3:10
Reviews and Organic Sales: 3:13
Vine and Early Reviewers Programm: 4:32
Requirements for Early Reviewers Programm: 6:03
Amazon Review Policy: 7:25
Agenda for the Presentation: 9:43
New Communication Guidelines: 10:27
Proactive Permitted Messages: 12:09
Buyer Seller Messaging: 13:31
Non- Permitted Messages: 13:58
Terms for Email requests: 16:02
Restricted Notices: 17:53
Request Review Button: 19:30
41% Increase in Daily Reviews: 23:04
Important things to remember: 25:57
Amazon Q4 Mastery: A review 28:19

Learn the importance of Amazon product reviews and how to get Amazon reviews for your products during Q4 2020 with Colleen Quattlebaum!

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Hey sellers! Welcome to week 5 of Amazon Q4 Mastery! We are going to kick-off this week with a great session with Colleen Quattlebaum from eComEngine that’ll help to face the Q4 2020 rush. In this session, Colleen is going to talk about the importance of Amazon reviews for your eCommerce business, especially during the fourth quarter. Product reviews give legitimacy to your products sold on Amazon. It is also one of the Amazon SEO ranking factors. Amazon A9 Algorithm will rank products with a good amount of reviews higher! Therefore it is important to know how to get Amazon reviews for your product. That’s exactly what you will learn in this session with Colleen!

Colleen Quattlebaum leads the Marketing team at eComEngine and she’s been in the eCommerce industry for 10 years. Colleen is an expert on Amazon feedback and product reviews and she is here to share some of those insights with you!

Amazon Q4 Mastery is a Virtual Summit created with one goal in mind: help Amazon sellers master this Q4! We have partnered with more than 10 expert speakers and have planned 20 in-depth sessions for you. By the end of our Amazon Q4 Mastery Virtual Summit, you will be enlightened and empowered with everything that you need to know to win Amazon Q4 2020!

This week’s exciting sessions:

Day 1: Get Ready to Face the Q4 Rush: An Introduction
Day 2: Amazon Product Reviews: How to Generate Social Proof That Matter With Colleen Quattlebaum
Day 3: Optimize Your Fulfillment Strategy: Minimize Amazon FBA Fees & Boost Profits With Yoni Mazor
Day 4: All About the Amazon Seller Sales dashboard: Monitor and Scale Your Business With Sunitha Sundaran
Day 5: The Ultimate Q4 Recap for Your Amazon FBA Business: Week 5

Our in-depth sessions will cover all the important pillars for a successful Q4, like inventory management, the importance of performance-based customized strategies, shipping mistakes to avoid, optimizing your supply chain, Amazon PPC campaign strategies, optimizing your product listings for this Q4, the importance of Amazon promotions, Amazon keyword tracking and so much more. For an Amazon FBA seller, these pillars will aid you in selling on Amazon this Q4 successfully, boost your overall product sales, and lay the foundation for scaling your Amazon business for 2021.

Well then, let’s get started, shall we?

Watch last week’s Amazon Q4 Mastery sessions here:

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Amazon PPC Strategies: Improve Q4 conversion rate with advertising specialist Joel Wolh

The SellerApp Effect: Scale Your Advertising Revenue to Infinity and Beyond with Sunitha Sundaran

The Ultimate Q4 Recap for Your Amazon FBA Business: Week 4

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