Amazon Handmade – How to Create the Perfect Product Listing

As the major search engine for online shoppers Amazon now offers amazing opportunities to those who create and wish to sell their own handmade products. With great opportunities comes tough competition and challenges.

  • How do you get your products seen by the right buyers over those products sold by your competitors?

  • When they are seen how do you quickly convert them from browsing customers into buying customers?

The difference between success and failure starts with a great product listing. Getting your product listing right is important for the following reasons.

  1. The amazon search algorithm needs to be able to find your listing and understand exactly what it is that you are selling.  It also needs to judge how likely it is that buyers will purchase from you.

  2. When the summary version of your listing appears in the search results, it needs to standout and entice customers to find out more through very succinct narration and clear imagery.

  3. Once arriving on the full detail of your page, everything about the product needs to resonate completely with the buyer’s needs so that they find themselves quickly pressing the “Buy Now” button.

This course walks you through step by step every aspect of creating the perfect product listing including but not limited to;

  • Understanding the amazon selling landscape and why you need to get things right

  • Keywords – where to find and how to apply keywords both to your title, description and back end search term fields

  • Writing great copy – how to write the perfect title and product descriptions.

  • Images – how to to create the perfect image stack

  • How to setup your product listing step by step


“Claire’s knowledge of Amazon Handmade is impressive and after just one morning’s session we had my keywords, images and description written up and live. I went from being non-ranked to number 1 in the Handmade category for my chosen keywords overnight. Amazing!”  Karen Sage

“She is knowledgeable, efficient, trustworthy and will go the extra mile whenever we’ve needed some extra support….I can truly say that I could not have moved my business so quickly forward without her. I feel extremely lucky to have found Claire”  Alina Moat

“She makes me feel motivated and I feel like I can achieve anything after being with her for just 10 minutes. She is very knowledgeable about product development and marketing and has a way of cutting through the detail and finding a way forward every single time”  Tessa Smith

“you gave me an amazing support… you have an amazing knowledge and you always find the way to get more sales.. I would highly recommend your services to everyone.” Maja Abinun

“A great coach and mentor” Maria H

“you have full confidence she knows what she is doing” George McAvoy

“As well as being an expert in all things Amazon, Claire has an amazing talent for writing and can produce top quality product listing descriptions at the drop of a hat.” Nicky Young

The End Game

By the end of the course you will understand how to craft the perfect Amazon Handmade product listing so that you provide your handmade products with the best chance of success.

Is this course right for you?

This course is for people wanting to sell their handmade products on Amazon Handmade.

Either they have tried already without much success or are completely new to Amazon Handmade.

More info at Udemy.com

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