Amazon Associates Tutorial 2021 – How to Promote Your Affiliate Links

Check out our Amazon Associates (Affiliate Marketing) Tutorial for 2021. We go over different ways to promote your website and your affiliate links. If you are looking for a deep dive into the backend of Amazon Associates and how to create an Amazon Affiliate Marketing website, you will want to check out my course linked below.

In this video, I show you how to create different types of unique content to rank higher in Google and other search engines. In addition, product reviews, product review guides, product lists, and SEO content will all help you drive more traffic. Ultimately, more traffic will help you drive more Amazon Affiliate sales and commissions. If you can drive hundreds or thousands of people to your website every single day, you will earn more from Amazon Associates every month. And, content is the best way to drive more website traffic. People are constantly searching Google and other search engines for resources in your niche. It is your job to create resources and monetize the traffic on your website.

9 Ways to Promote Your Amazon Affiliate Links:

1. Product Linking & Ads – Learn how you can link to different Amazon products and create affiliate links with SiteStripe. In addition, I show how to create native shopping ads that you can place on your website.

2. Product Reviews – Write product reviews regularly for the top products in your niche and you will increase your Google rankings and your earnings.

3. Product Review Guides – Once you write product reviews, create guides to list the top products for each category.

4. Product Lists & Gift Guides – Product lists and gift lists are great ways to drive more sales for affiliate products.

5. Targeting Keywords w/ Content – An SEO strategy that has yet to go out of style is simply doing keyword research and writing content for the keywords.

6. Video-Based Content – Video content can be shared to YouTube and Facebook. In addition, you can promote your affiliate products and links by using video.

7. Utilize WZone – WZone aka WooZone is a WordPress plugin that works with WooCommerce. With the WZone plugin, you can import Amazon products directly to your website, which will allow you to create an Amazon Affiliate Store on your website.

8. Social Media & Email – Don’t forget about building social media and email audiences that you can distribute content to. People will follow you if they like your blog posts and videos and you can get more traffic as you build an audience.

9. Consistency is Key – You need to be consistent in order to find success. You can’t create content several times per month, you need to do it every single day.

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