ALGEBRA Basics Review – a Step-by-Step course

Hi my name is Olu Sanya and I welcome you to this ALGEBRA Basics Review course. The # 1 question I get from students in our Test Prep Classes is, OLU how do I start the question? I have designed this ALGEBRA Review course with that question in mind; In
this course, you will learn how to start & completely solve 10 of the most
commonly asked topics on tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE & GMAT as well as general high school math classes.
You don’t have to worry if you have
forgotten all the Algebra you were in school, in this course, I assume you know
nothing so I take my time to break every question down as I start from
the basics
. Checkout the free videos.

Textbook required for this course 

  • NO TEXTBOOK is needed for this course
  • All Quizzes are available online and the links are included in this course when you buy it.

Included when you buy this Course

  • I assume you know nothing, so I take time to breakdown each questions carefully.
  • 30 ALGEBRA Basics Review step-by-step solution Videos
  • Over 650 ALGEBRA Basics Review Quizzes questions
  • 4 hrs of pure ALGEBRA FUN!!!

Study Plan

  1. Change video setting to “1080p” button at bottom right of Video for improved Video quality
  2. Watch each of my Lesson videos, then do the quizzes at the end of each Lesson

More info at Udemy.com

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