Agile Product Owner(ship) Master Class: Advanced Techniques

In This course Certified PMP® and Agile Trainer Luke Angel takes you on a journey to make your product skills into hero status. If your agile projects result in the efficient creation of products that your customers adore, it’s likely due to the first-rate product owner on your team. In this course you will learn how to be the hero product owner your team deserves.You Will Explore the responsibilities of the product owner, and learn some practical techniques that you can implement throughout the agile workflow. Discover how to use personas, story maps, and user stories to figure out what customers really need. Learn how to work with your team to create an agile product roadmap, and learn more about the role of the product owner in agile meetings.

Topics Include:           

  1. How To Set A Product Vision
  2. How To Create A Product Roadmap
  3. How To Form A Release Plan
  4. How Too Groom Product Backlog Like A Pro
  5. How To Break Down Freatures Into Epics and User Stories
  6. What Personas are and how to use them
  7. How To Write Awesome User Stories
  8. How To Create Story Maps
  9. How To Split And Slice Stories To Get Value Delivery
  10. How To Write Acceptance Criteria
  11. How to conduct Workshops
  12. How Prioritization Your Backlog AndRoadmap
  13. How To Conduct Forced Ranking
  14. How To Group Stories By Categorization
  15. How To Conduct Prioritization Stories Ranking By Voting
  16. How to Prioritize Stories Using “Buy A Feature”
  17. How To Formulate And Use “Definition Of Ready”
  18. How To FormulateAnd Use “Definition Of Done”
  19. How To Deal With Technical Debt
  20. How the Product Owner Role Fits In The Agile Ceremonies
  21. How To Estimate Stories In Sprint and Roadmaps
  22. How To Conduct Sprint Planning
  23. How To Interact In Daily Standups
  24. How To Conduct Sprint Demos
  25. How To Make The Most Of Retrospectives

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