Agile Product Management through Product thinking

In this short course on Agile Product Management, I have tried to bring in best mix of content that can fit for anyone who wants to gain understanding behind the process and thinking of building a great Product, like a Business Analyst, Scrum master, Product owners and also the entrepreneurs who wants to be better at managing with Product thinking that is specially required for their Product development.

The Course is split into three Modules.

Module1: Students will get to understand the Agility required in Product development along with an understanding of Roles and responsibilities of Product owner and Product Manager

Module2: Students will gain good understanding on Product Thinking and the process through how to come up with a great commercially successful product, by learning through and developing User personas, problem statement, vision, Product-market fit (which includes Problem definition, Solution definition and Business model definition) and Story mapping

Module3: Students will get a better understanding on Scrum framework and process of working in an agile team. They will also look at and understand certain key metrices and burn down charts and also learn how these metrics and charts are applied and planned better by the Product manager in their critical planning activities during the Product to release cycle

More info at Udemy.com

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