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This Agile marketing training will help you understand that Agile marketing is not just about using Scrum or Kanban, it is a customer-centric approach to strategic planning and execution. You will learn how to avoid mistakes and how to adapt Scrum and Kanban to the context of marketing. Learning from or hiring a Scrum Master or Agile coach without marketing background is often a recipe for disaster due to their lack of subject matter expertise in marketing. In my experience, the application of Scrum and Kanban in its pure form does not work for marketing due to differences in structure, operating models and output. This course will help you understand how to iterate your ways of working through adaptive planning in order to achieve value-adding business outcomes. You will get familiar with the tools that can help you improve the teamwork and overall performance of your marketing teams in order to accelerate growth and deliver value to the sales and other functional areas of your business.

Case studies will continuously be added to the training course to show you some approaches to practicing Agile marketing. The current case study focuses on the context of individual marketers, small vs large marketing teams, and working with agencies. You will also have email access to the Agile marketing coach and trainer, who will be happy to answer your questions in order to support your adoption of Agile marketing processes within your business.

The move from rigid to flexible and adaptive ways of working requires a mindset shift that incorporates an understanding of the β€˜what’ and ’why’ behind Agile marketing. Marketing teams in all sectors and levels must strive to overcome the negative perception from other stakeholders by becoming more accountable for their results and impact on the overall business growth. This will only be possible if and when the marketing teams put their house in order from a strategy, people and process perspective. The values and principles of Agile marketing provide the necessary structures and practices that can help marketing teams focus on growth marketing through iterative strategy planning and execution.

A certificate of completion is emailed to you after the completion of this Agile Marketing training course.

Start your Agile marketing journey with this crash course. Marketing operations often exist in a rigid and siloed structure, which makes campaign execution slow and less responsive to customer expectations. Marketing technology is evolving at pace, but marketing management is still stuck in the pre-internet era.

This on-demand Agile marketing training video course will teach you how to evolve your marketing operations to increase task completion, whilst aligning outputs to ROI-focused marketing outcomes.

Femi Olajiga is a qualified marketing professional with a Master’s Degree in Marketing and a wealth of practical experience of working within Agile marketing teams, as well as consulting with senior teams for some of the largest brands across industries. You will learn from practical and relevant case studies of Agile marketing implementation in both in-house and agency teams within small, large and globally distributed marketing teams.

Course Curriculum:

  • The History of Agile

  • Agile Values

  • Agile Principles

  • What is Agile Marketing?

  • Agile Marketing Adoption

  • Benefits of Agile Marketing

  • Implementing Agile Marketing

  • Leading Agile Frameworks

  • The Scrum Framework

  • The Scrum Team

  • The Product Owner

  • The Scrum Master

  • Empirical Process Control

  • Scrum Values

  • The Sprint Planning Meeting

  • The Sprint

  • Kanban Principles

  • The Kanban Board

  • The Product Backlog

  • The Daily Scrum

  • The Sprint Review Meeting

  • Sprint Retrospective Meeting

  • Case Study – Agile Marketing in Small and larger teams

  • Case Study – Agile Marketing in Agencies

This is the start of the Agile marketing learning roadmap for people who are looking for a cost-effective learning opportunity, as opposed to paying $$$ for a lengthy face-to-face training course.

The course learning outcomes are three-fold:

  1. Why Agile Marketing?

  2. How To Implement Agile Marketing.

  3. Agile Marketing Examples – case-studies.

The course will also give you free access to contact the training instructor directly in order to ask questions and get tailored guidance on your Agile marketing implementation journey. Click the enroll button and start the course now.

More info at Udemy.com

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