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Affiliate marketing is the process where you earn a commission for promoting other people’s products. Product Reviews Type of Affiliate Websites help people choose the right products by providing reviews and comparisons.

This is a #Shorts educational video before we launch regular “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” Series on this channel.

Indigo Entrepreneur is a channel that provides real value and high-quality videos related to online business and digital marketing to help you grow your business online.

We will be sharing work knowledge to enable more people to bring their ideas to life and to actually make money online. You will be able to bring yourself one step closer to realizing your ideas and businesses.

With a core focus on content marketing and search engine optimization, you will learn how to do affiliate marketing, find a niche, keyword research, how to use Google trends and you will learn SEO and other digital marketing free training.

In addition, you’ll learn about sales funnels and Facebook advertising through tutorials on how to run Facebook ads.

Whether you are focused on affiliate marketing or social media marketing, our digital marketing series will show you how to convert sales funnels to help you make money online.

Be sure to search through the playlists to find the most relevant “how to” videos to your specific needs.

Indigo Entrepreneur! Sparks your journey to make money online!


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