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Learn to take ideas from your head and turn them into marketable, profitable products, services and brands. Lean Startup Marketing teaches step-by-step process (not marketing theory). Actualize your ideas with the “Ready-Aim-Fire” Marketing Method of product and lean startup launches.

A Powerful Tool for Actualizing Ideas

Entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, retirees, developers, solopreneurs and business pros— anyone wanting to start their own gig, Lean Startup Marketing will teach you the complete process of actualizing your ideas into apps, products, service and startups for profit. Don’t have an idea you want to develop now, but thinking you may down the line? No problem! Learn the RAF marketing process and you’ll be able to plug in ANY IDEA into the methodology (kind of like an math equation ; ). 

Overview of Course Content

Think you have a great business idea? Find out before you build it, (or make your offering marketable if already developed), through the process of PRODUCTIZATION!

Actualizing ideas is time consuming, and often expensive, and frankly, unwise, until you determine if anyone will find value in what you’ve conceived. Productization is the process of projecting ‘market fit,’ to assess if you have a sellable concept before developing and producing it. Productization is also used to turn a developed product or service into a marketable offering of value, and increase sales on all your marketing efforts for that offering.

Productization is marketing practice, not theory, the step-by-step process of becoming intimate with your potential offering. Creating something that a substantial number of people will likely want, requires a thorough understanding of what you plan to sell. Whether marketing an idea, or a product in development, or more effectively branding and marketing an existing offering, Productization provides an infrastructure for lean product development.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn to identify the features and benefits of the offering you envision, assess your competition, discover how to iterate your idea to make it uniquely valuable, and conceives future offerings and markets to sell to. You’ll produce Productization lists that will function as a dynamic source of copy content, filled with keywords and phrases all related to your offering, to use in your advertising and marketing efforts. You will also construct an elevator pitch to chat up your venture, as well as determine how your offering will make money.

● MBA to novice, PRODUCTIZATION will teach you all the marketing you’ll ever need to know.

● Learn the process of identifying the Features and Benefits your IDEA offers.

● Construct an Elevator Pitch for your IDEA, and refine it over the course of the class.

● Define benefits and solutions your offering provides (entertainment; real goods and/or services).

● Turn your idea into a product, service, and/or startup that offers a solution to the largest audience possible.

● Discover potential target markets and customers that have a need for your product or service.

● Perform Competitive Analysis on direct and indirect competition in your product/service space.

● Highlight and create Differentiators that separate your offering from competitors.

● Explore Profit Models applicable to your product or service.

● Identify Horizontal and Vertical markets for current offering, as well as future iterations (1.5, 2.0…) of your product or service.

Set up your business for success, at launch and beyond. Learn the process of Productization, and you’ll be able to plug ANY IDEA, product in development, or actualized offering into the methodology to create offerings of value, and effectively market them for profit.

After the completion of W1-Productization, you’ll begin Workshop 2–BRANDING (must be purchased separately), and in workbook form. You’ll “Take Aim” at your potential audience. You’ll learn to develop branding for your offering, including startup and product names, brand identities, and taglines. Lectures drill down into design fundamentals, from color theory to layering; grid-system layout; responsive UI/UX design, including a review of online technology from webhosts to CMS systems. You’ll begin a professional quality image library, and learn how to create stunning visual content, websites, targeted videos, landing pages, e-blasts and more at little to no cost. Explore the latest content marketing techniques, including SEO/SEM best practices. 

Productization and Branding complete, you’re ready to “Fire— Launch” your branded offering to your targeted markets in Workshop 3–LAUNCH. Delve deep into product and lean startup launching of websites, print and PPC advertising, email campaigns and social media marketing (SMM) strategies. Learn Copywriting techniques for captivating headlines, and content marketing that SELLS your offerings. Print media basics, and soliciting PR are reviewed, as is using analytics to increase ROI. Securing venture capital (VC), or crowd-source funding for your new venture completes the RAF marketing model. 

By the last video lecture of this course you’ll be able to turn virtually any idea into a markeable product or service of value, and sell it directly, or launch your first offering of many as a startup for profit.

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