12 Month Internet Millionaire: Scam or Not? Full Detailed Product Review

Okay, so it took me a couple extra days to get the review of “12 Month Internet Millionaire” up than I expected because it was a lot more information than I thought it would be. It didn’t help that I was asked to guest speak at a convention on internet marketing in Las Vegas this week either, but it was Vegas, so I’m not complaining:)

When I was researching 12 Month Internet Millionaire, a lot of people were saying it was a scam and Vincent James was a con artist because of some of the things his business went through a couple years ago. I address those claims in this video review of the product.

Also, a lot of people were saying the 12 Month Internet Millionaire course was only for intermediate to advanced internet marketers, and I firmly disagree. If I had the information this product teaches when I was getting started in internet marketing I would have set completely different goals and probably been at a much different point in my internet marketing career than I am now. Not that I’m dissatisfied with where I’ve landed in my career at this point in time, but I feel I could be at a different level if I knew the information taught in this product from the beginning of my career.

I discuss a few more things and talk about why I think it’s a good product. I’m afraid I may have come off a little “sales pitchy” because I’m genuinely excited about this product. But truth be told, I don’t believe the 12 Month Internet Millionaire course is a scam and I honestly think this is one of the best products I’ve reviewed.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can visit or you can call me at (210)887-9152.


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