1 day MVP 2.0 | Go from idea to MVP in just 1 day

Learn how to take ideas, validate them, and prototype them in one day, without learning how to code. Become a better entrepreneur, product manager, marketer, manager, or small business owner. Learn how experienced entrepreneurs come up with killer ideas and launch them with minimum time invested and with $0 upfront.

Are you ready to take the plunge and finally pursue the business idea of your dreams? Are you sure you have the skills and the time to be successful? Have you heard of the Lean Startup, the product framework that is revolutionizing startups all over the world? This course will teach you the skills that are essential to being a successful entrepreneur.

About the instructor

  • Top-rated Udemy Instructor with over 30,000 five star reviews and over 500,000 students enrolled.

  • Teaches 11 different courses on Entrepreneurship.

  • Startup founder for 5+ years, raised three rounds of capital worth several millions of dollars.

  • Worked as a VC and was in charge of deal flow in Silicon Valley. 

  • Oversaw investments in large companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tesla.

  • Owns Sprintkick, an agency that builds web & mobile apps for 20+ Fortune 500 companies. 

  • Created and launched over 100+ apps in the last four years.

More info at Udemy.com

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