Life Leadership Review – Should You Join This MLM Business??

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In this life leadership review I will give you the background of this business and will explain what type of products they make and whether or not you should be joining them. The thing is, that like most MLM companies, they are completely legit. The issue though is not whether or not they are real, the issue is the way they promote.

Now if you check their distributer income clause, you will see that 95% of their people don’t earn any money. That is actually pretty normal because most distributors have no idea how to build a network marketing business, because they are so old school. Try recruiting hundreds of people into your business if you only have 10 good friends.

It’s simply impossible. So on paper the model is great. But in reality it just doesn’t work. And most people don’t have the tenacity or the personality to make it work. It’s a hard business. Which is why I wouldn’t recommend it firstly and also if you were going to do it, I would seriously consider doing it online. So I hope you like this life leadership review. Take care and speak soon!

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Life Leadership Review – Should You Join This MLM Business??

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