How to Start an Online Business in 30 Days – Step by Step

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Have you always wanted your start an online business but didn’t know where to start? 

You have some great ideas but lack that road map to guide you across the finish line. 

If this sounds like you then you are in the right place. You will look over my shoulder as i walk you, step-by-step, through exactly how to setup and start your own online business.

You will learn The Pyramid of Profitability. We break the course down into 3 modules (or the 3 “P’s” as I like to call them.) These are the three building blocks necessary to start an online business. 

Module One – Platform – You will learn how set up and manage a platform (or Website for online business) using the power and simplicity of WordPress.

In Module One we will cover:

  • How to Select the Right Web Hosting to Meet Your Needs
  • How to Use the tools provided from the Web Hosts to Install and get WordPress up and Running in Under Five Minutes.
  • You will Learn and Become Very Familiar with the WordPress Dashboard
  • You will Learn how to Find and Install WordPress Themes
  • You will Understand what Permalinks are and How to Use them
  • We’ll look at Theme Specific settings to harness the Power of Our Selected Theme
  • We’ll Change the WordPress Header to a Customer Header Designed for your Site
  • We will Set Up a Custom Email Account for your Site Directly in the Web Hosts Dashboard
  • We’ll Set Up a Contact Form so People Can Contact You Directly from Your Site
  • We’ll Set Up a Blog 
  • How to Add a Form to Capture Your Customers Email Addresses that will be Used for Email Marketing
  • We’ll Add Images to Your Site and Posts
  • Setting Your Site up to Automatically Deliver Digital Products to your Customers 24/7
  • Set up a Method to Accept Payments from Your Customers

By the time you have completed module one you will be comfortable with managing your own site and business.

Module Two – Product – You will learn how create your own information products to sell digitally online. You will learn to create three types of products.

In Module Two we will cover:

  • What Software to Use
  • Your Mindset
  • Your Personal Voice
  • The Importance of Chapters and Sub-Chapters
  • How to Use Effectively Ghost Writers
  • How to Create and Use Content 
  • Cleaning up and Packaging Your First Product
  • Working with a Digital Audio Editor and Recording Software
  • Testing and Recording Audio
  • Editing Audio Recordings
  • Adding Audio Effects to Existing Recordings
  • Exporting and Packaging Audio Products
  • Working with Video Editing
  • Recording Video and Screen Casts
  • Get Familiar with the Interface, Call Outs, Transitions and Animations
  • Video Editing 101
  • Produce and Package Your Video Products

Module Three – Promotion – You will learn multiple ways to promote your website and products.

In Module Three we will cover:

  • How to Create Marketing Content
  • Keyword and Niche Research
  • Blogs and Articles
  • Video Marketing
  • Viral Videos
  • Email Marketing – Create Templates and Campaigns,
  • Email Marketing – Automation
  • Sales Letter 101 – Learn the Formula to Write a Winning Sales Letter
  • and Much More!

We have a lot to cover, so I’ll see you inside!

More info at Udemy.com

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